Our Core Values Explained

Baruch Senior Ministries is based on faith. Here is a little background on the Bible verse we hold dear and why we chose “Baruch” as the name of our organization.

In the Bible, Baruch was the closest companion and loyal secretary to the prophet Jeremiah. As Jeremiah’s secretary, it is quite likely that Baruch was responsible for the compilation of the Book of Jeremiah.

Before being exiled to Egypt, Jeremiah purchased land to ensure his people long term security. God promised Jeremiah that He “will bring them back to this place and let them live in safety” (Jeremiah 32:37). Jeremiah placed the deed in Baruch’s hands to display God’s commitment and faithfulness to His people. Thereby, Baruch served as an instrument for assuring God’s people would never be abandoned.

Just as Baruch and his people were forced to leave their homeland and lost in despair, our residents have moved from their homes and lost spouses, friends, and family members. They live with various health challenges and they face the reality of a life that is almost over. Overwhelmed by their current place in life and its difficulties, our residents may feel some despair.

Just as Baruch was committed to carrying out his charge, Baruch Senior Ministries is committed to honoring God by serving people as they age. Our foundation is on God’s promise that He will “heal his people and let them enjoy abundant peace and security” (Jeremiah 33:6).

Our assisted living communities are dedicated to providing compassionate, individualized care. They work hard to ensure that every individual has their needs met. We provide a place of love, community, and comfort for our residents – a place they can call their home.

As part of our mission, we offer The Lifetime Promise which provides reduced costs to qualified residents based on their monthly income. We make sure that even when our residents face financial difficulty, they will never have to leave our communities and they will always receive the care they need.

Baruch Senior Ministries highly values respect. As we work to care for our residents during a vulnerable stage in life, we ensure that they are treated with respect and dignity. We believe that every person, whether a resident, family member, or staff member, should be treated with respect.

As a faith-based organization, we believe that every person is created in the image of God. We are all blessed with different gifts and abilities that we can use to serve others. When everyone is working together and using their God-given gifts, beautiful things happen!

Our communities are committed to providing compassionate care! Our goal is provide a place our residents can call home where their physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs are met. Our Caregivers, Chaplains, Administrative Staff, Dietary Staff, Life Enrichment Teams, and Maintenance are dedicated to compassionately caring for the residents in their buildings with dignity and respect.

Baruch Senior Ministries values honesty and trust. We are committed to being an honest and trustworthy source for our residents, families, and staff. Looking for an assisted living home for your loved one can be daunting, which is why our staff is available to provide open and honest help to all who are in need.

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