A Caregiver’s Toolbox – September Spiritual Care Blog

Caregiving is a series of attitudes and behaviors that are learned over time. The toolbox for a caregiver is filled with a variety of skills. Below are some of the items found in a caregiver’s toolbox.

Compassion: Jesus was filled with compassion when He ministered. Compassion is kindness in action. It is a way of relating to one another on a caring level.

Kindness: Kindness is a characteristic of the Spirit. D.W. Williams and Willie Williams each lived to be 105 years old. They were married for 82 years. They said the secret to a long marriage was being nice to each other. That’s pretty good advice.

Prayer: Praying for someone is to place them in God’s hands. We provide the care and God provides the cure. Not only do we tell people we will pray for them. We can actually follow through and pray for someone.

Saying a Blessing: When we bless someone, we say good words about them and to them. We all desire to hear good words. Compliments can really make a person’s day. Saying good words will have a ripple effect on those around you.

A Cup of Cold Water: Jesus talks about the importance of doing little things to let people know you care. In Matthew 10:42 He mentions giving a cup of cold water to someone who is thirsty as an act of caregiving. Little acts of kindness help make to fill our days with a sense of being loved and belonging.

Using these tools regularly is something we all can do to brighten our corner of the world.

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